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CANON Tilt & Shift Lenses Set

Package Include:24mm f3.5 cf 1'5"Front Diameter 102mmWeight 1.0 kg45mm f2.8 cf 1'5"Front Diameter 112mmWeight 1.2 kg90mm f2.8 cf 2'Front Diameter 104mmWeight 1.3 kg..


CANON 4.7mm-52mm f1.8 with 2X

Focal length 4.7~52mm9.4~104mmZoom ratio11xExtender2 ×F:1:1.9 at 4.7~40.3mm1:2.45 at 52mm1:3.8 at 9.4~80.6mm1:4.9 at 104mm (2.0x)M.O.D.0.3m                                                                                                                                      Object dimensions at M.O.D.16 : 9 Aspect ratio                                          (1×)4.7mm:  71.4 x 40.2cm52mm:  6.2 x 3.5cm (2×)9.4mm:  35. 7 x 20.1cm104mm:  3.1 x 1.8cmAngular field of view              16 : 9 Aspect ratio                                   (1×) 4.7mm 91.2° x 59.8°52mm 10.5° x 5.9 (2×) 9.4mm 54.1° x 32.1°104mm 5.3° x 3.0°Length241.0 mmWeight (without lens hood)2.04kg(4.51lbs)..


CANON 7.7-131mm f1.8 with 2X

Focal length 7.7~131mm15.4~262mmZoom ratio17xExtender2 ×F:1:1.8 at 7.7~100.3mm1:2.3 at 131mm1:3.6 at 15.4~200.6mm (2.0x)1:4.6 at 262mm (2.0x)M.O.D.0.75m                                                                                                                             Object dimensions at M.O.D.16 : 9 Aspect ratio                                          (1×)7.7mm:  87.4 x 49.2cm131mm:  5.3 x 3.0cm (2×)15.4mm:  43.7 x 24.6cm262mm:  2.7 x 1.5cmAngular field of view              16 : 9 Aspect ratio                                   (1×) 7.7mm 63.9° x 38.6°131mm 4.20° x 2.3° (2×) 15.4mm 34.6° x 19.9°262mm 2.1° x 1.18°Length211.0mmWeight (without lens hood)1.84kg (4.05lbs)..


Canon EOS-1D X II Camera

Imager CMOS sensor(Approx. 35.9 x 23.9 mm)Image Sensor Aspect Ration;3:2ISOStill images: ISO 100-51200Movies: ISO 12800 (4 K)                                                                                         Lens Mount Canon EF mountWeight (Body Only)1340g*The above information is for reference only and the provisions of the specification by the manufacturer shall prevail...